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Welcome to the Canasta Palace. Here, you can finally play the popular card game online. Of course, we don’t only offer Canasta. With a passion for detail, we also worked on other popular card games. You can play trick-taking games like Skat, Pinochle, Doppelkopf, and Sheepshead. Have a try at our patience card games Klondike, Easthaven, Spider, and Scorpion, or go classic with Rummy or Mau-Mau. Our websites in English are collected at the Palace of Cards, but you can play any Spiele Palast game in English.

Cansta Palace is a Product by Spiele-Palast GmbH. Playing with family, friends, and especially founded playing groups is the favorite pastime of many people. At our Palace, we want to give a digital home to this joy of playing cards. Let’s build a lively community founded on top-quality realizations of online card games.

What Is Canasta?

Canasta is one of the youngest card games. It is usually a four-player game with two teams, though, there are variations for different numbers of players. At the Canasta Palace, the game is available for two or four players. According to tradition, Segundo Santos and Alberto Serrato developed Canasta in 1939 in Uruguay. Their passion for another card game, Bridge, spurred them to compile their own game. Once realized, Canasta traveled quickly over the whole world. It ranked among the most played card games as soon as the 1950s. Sales numbers of playing cards and literature on the game increased accordingly. Canasta is a variety of Rummy – just a little bit more interesting and trickier. The name Canasta is derived from a Spanish word for basket since a basket would be used to hold the playing cards during the game’s invention. The main element of the game is collecting cards in order to play seven cards of the same rank. These combinations are called canastas and score opulently.

Easy Access

Novices, advanced players, and Canasta masters – everyone plays at the Canasta Palace. You can find fellow players of any level round the clock. Our main motive is enthusiasm for playing cards. We want to spread it, so we want you to be able to access the game on all current platforms. You can play Canasta as a browser game, as an app for iOS, Android, and Windows, and in the facebook gameroom. Whatever you choose – playing with us is free.

If you want to play on a big screen, use your PC at home: Play in the browser or download our program for windows. Enjoy playing on the go by downloading our Canasta app to your smartphone from Google PlayStore or iOS AppStore. When using the app, registration isn’t required – just install and start playing. This comfortable option is popular, especially among beginners. After gaining practice and particularly when you are going to switch devices a lot, consider setting up an account. You can take part in our league and join clubs. An account is crucial for saving your progress in the long run. A smartphone can get lost and with it the locally saved scores. The phone can be replaced but not your successful hours of playing.

Just Get Going

Some card games scare people off with complicated rulebooks. We want you to be able to jump into our card games playfully. No matter how difficult, a game can be learned step by step. We came up with a couple of ideas to make playing cards at the Palace as easy as possible right off the bat: No need to set up an account – just start playing. Fellow players are sought automatically. At the push of a button, you can start playing with them at the table.

Traditional card decks have different designs and vary in clarity. Additionally, we developed decks with optimized legibility. They are particularly suited for playing on devices with smaller screens. Another popular feature is the support of landscape and portrait mode for mobile devices in all our games. Adjust the game to one or two free hands when on the go. The interface aligns automatically and displays the cards in optimal size.

Challenging Hobby With Practical Effects

Playing cards has long been among the most popular pastimes. Learning and mastering the rules, playing with family, friends, and in clubs contribute to the success of playing. In times of digitalization and increasingly elaborately developed computer games with more and more realistic graphics, playing cards still did not lose its touch. On the contrary, it is more popular than ever. We want our Palace to be a digital home to the joy of playing cards with a lively community founded on top-quality realizations of online card games. Canasta demands and rewardingly trains skills such as memory, focus, and attention. You will also have to plan ahead and play cooperatively.

Playing Live – Canasta Online

At the Canasta Palace, you can play live against fellow players twenty-four-seven. Playing with real cards in a cozy round undoubtedly has appealing aspects unrealizable in online Canasta. But playing online has its excelling advantages. The mere number of players available at any time allows playing whenever you feel like it, without organizing game nights. This way, playing Canasta brings the joy of playing into your everyday life. Of course, playing online requires a proper internet connection and an additional mobile web connection when playing on the go. In this respect, offline card game apps have advantages – at the price of settling for bots as opponents.

Playing Digitally – Less Work, More Play

Why did card games on computers take off like that again? The success was brought about by the computer’s work ethic: Inconvenient, dull, and tedious tasks are completed without complaints. Card games vary in effort concerning setting up the game, conducting, and evaluating it. Each phase requires the utmost attention from humans. Otherwise, players could easily receive too few or too many points, cards, or even money. In Canasta, especially, many cards are played and moved across the table. The computer easily provides an optimal overview and correct arrangement of the playing field. This way, human players can focus on the essential strategies of the game.

Fair Play Online

Canasta Palace connects many people through online gaming. Thus, the one or other black sheep might occur in the community, trying to gain advantages by foul play. Others could be bad losers, prematurely leaving the tables out of spite or stand out negatively in another way. To facilitate a pleasant gaming experience for everyone, we offer various settings to protect your privacy. Our support team is continuously monitoring the games and can always be reached out to. The potential manipulation of shuffling is an argument endlessly urged concerning online card games. To ensure optimal and fair results, we use an absolutely safe method for shuffling cards. An independent institute tested our algorithm. We take all these measures to provide conditions as fair as possible for all games and players.

Boost Your Game – Go Premium!

If you want to play a lot, we recommend the Premium membership at the Canasta Palace. Once you upgraded your account, you can enjoy additional functions much enjoyed by experienced players at the Palace: Create your own table and use custom rules to tailor the game, e.g. 3 Decks, 3 Jokers per Deck, Harder First Meld. Maybe you will even discover new variations with different dynamics. You can also decide who can and cannot access your table.

So much for theory, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Come on over to our tables and have a go. We would be happy to welcome you as an active member!